Music on Demand: The Best Music Streaming Services (Compared)

Last year, streaming services made up 80% of music revenue. Everyone’s streaming their music, but with so many music streaming services, how do you know which one to use?

We have scoped out all the music streaming services and platforms to find the best music on demand platform for you.

Read on to get a comparison of the best music streaming services on the market.

1. Spotify: Top Music on Demand Choice

Spotify is the best-known music streaming service, and for a good reason. There are numerous factors that make Spotify stand out in comparison to other platforms.

  • Spotify makes sharing music and collaborating on playlists with your friends surprisingly easy. If music sharing is a priority, Spotify is your best choice.
  • One of Spotify’s most popular features is the “Discover Weekly Playlist.” After spending a few weeks getting to know your music tastes, Spotify tailors a weekly playlist for every user. It’s something to look forward to and discover new music to love.
  • Spotify has an array of extra features like podcasts, videos, and more.
  • At $9.99/month, subscribers can get the bonus of adding a Hulu account for an extra $3.00/month
  • The biggest downside to Spotify is it’s beyond complicated if you’re looking to link up your own music files with your Spotify account.

2. Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music: Most Affordable Choice for Prime Members

Streaming your music through Amazon is a bit confusing because you can use Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited. Here’s what you need to know about streaming music through Amazon.

  • If you already pay for Amazon Prime, you can listen to Prime Music at no extra cost. That being said, there is a much more extensive library of music available if you pay an extra $7.99/month for Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • This music on demand service functions by using the music you listen to as a guide to suggest radio stations and playlists that you’ll like. The focus isn’t on trendsetting and constantly releasing brand-new music. Amazon predominantly hones in on musical tastes.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited is the most affordable streaming service if you already pay for Amazon Prime. At the price of $7.99/month, you can save a few bucks, as all the other streaming services are $9.99/month.
  • One of the features that stand out with Amazon Music Unlimited is the song lyrics that are always displayed when a song’s currently playing.

3. TIDAL: Hands Down Best Sound

If you are obsessed with the quality of the sound, TIDAL, owned by Jay Z, is the best music streaming service. Tidal has the best audio quality on the market. Throw in a pair of high-quality headphones while you listen to TIDAL, and you’ll feel like you’re in the studio.

Here are a few things you should know about Tidal.

  • Using TIDAL is an ethical choice. The purpose of the service is to put artists back in control of their music. Free streaming services underpay artists and TIDAL was designed to change that.
  • There is no free version of TIDAL, it’s by subscription only. That being said, if you’re a music-lover, you’re most likely paying for your music on demand already.
  • It’s still growing, and its library isn’t as expansive as Spotify.
  • TIDAL offers exclusive video content and early releases for its users.

4. Apple Music: Best for iPhone Users with iTunes Libraries

The primary reason to subscribe to Apple Music is if you’ve built up an extensive iTunes library. It’s also the best option for people dedicated to using all Apple products. Here is what you need to know about Apple Music.

  • There is a three-month free trial available, and then the standard rate for Apple Music is $9.99/month. One awesome bonus is Apple Music offers a special $5.00/month rate for students.
  • Apple Music can combine the listeners iTunes library with music that you don’t own, to provide a unique playlist.
  • Apple Music sometimes offers early releases of new music to its subscribers.
  • This is the only music on demand service that will stream directly from the HomePod.

5. Pandora Premium: For the Hands-Off Listeners

Most people have used Pandora’s free streaming services, and Pandora now offers a premium option. Here is the low-down on Pandora Premium.

  • Pandora currently has the largest user base out of all the music streaming services. The bulk of their user base uses the free streaming services.
  • The audio quality is the poorest on Pandora Premium in comparison to the other most popular streaming services.
  • Pandora Premium isn’t offered outside of the United States.

6. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is best for people who want to stream a lot of their own music that they have downloaded online or ripped from CDS. This is what you need to know about Google Play Music.

  • Like many of the other platforms, Google Play Music as a free ad-supported version, but their paid subscription cost is standard, at $10.00/month. They also offer a $15.00/month family plan which could be more affordable if you’re going to have more than one person on your plan.
  • Google Play Music lets you upload 100,000 of your own songs to their server, and you can stream them using the mobile app. It’s by far the easiest one to figure out compared to other music on demand services.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Sound

Now that you know the pros and cons of all the top music on demand platforms, all you need to do is sit back, and listen to your favorite tunes.

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