The Budget Audiophile: Your Guide to High Res Music

You can experience top-notch audio at a discount price with BlackPods.

You know your favorite song. It’s the one you’ve listened to a thousand times. However, the first time that you hear it in high definition audio, it will blow your mind.

It sounds like a completely different song. That’s because the most commonly used audio file formats used today leaves out a lot of the nuances that artists want you to hear. Lossless audio, along with high-quality BlackPods, can enable you to experience music like you never have before.

It’s helpful to learn a few things about the technology used for high-resolution audio.  Read on to learn more about hi-res audio and how BlackPods enable the budget audiophile to experience music at its best.

What Is High-Resolution Audio?

More than likely, you’ve heard the word high definition (HD) audio, rather than its technical counterpart high-resolution audio (HRA). Nevertheless, they are the same.

Digital audio systems encode sound so that you can hear analog sound waves. The technical term for this process is pulse code modulation (PCM).

The bitrate and sampling frequency of PCM determines sound quality. Bitrate is the amount of information in each sample. It correlates to the resolution of each sample.

The sample rate is the amount of audio samples per second. It determines the maximum frequency that a file can achieve.

A lossless audio file is massive. Resultantly, researchers develop compressed audio file formats such as AAC, MP3 and WMA.

These kinds of files typically have a bitrate of 64 to 320 kB per second. At this rate, they don’t take up a lot of storage space.

However, they do leave out a lot of audio information. It may surprise you to find out that you’re missing out on a lot.

Still, you’d never know it if you’ve never heard lossless audio. Because consumers can fit more low bitrate songs on their devices, compressed music files are the most widely used audio format.

It’s All in the Format

If you love music, then the best way to listen to it is as the artist intended for it to sound. To do this, you need to listen to studio-quality music. Accordingly, you’ll need high res music files.

Artists usually record songs at 16 bits and 44.1 kHz, which works out to about 9000 kB per second. For comparison, CD audio comes in at about 1400 kB per second.

Meanwhile, compressed file formats, such as MP3, come in at 64 to 320 kB per second. Now, you’re starting to understand the difference between a compressed music file and lossless audio.

If engineers didn’t invent file compression, it would be tough for most consumers to use audio files. A handful of songs would use up their storage space. Also, it would take a ton of bandwidth to stream music.

Because of this, digital music services use file compression. However, if you want to hear pitch-perfect music, you’ll need to listen to it in an audio format such as AIFF, ALAC, FLAC or WAV.

If you’ve ever used a lossless audio file on a device without a lot of computing power, you know that they don’t play friendly with standard equipment. The solution is to invest in high-end audio equipment. If you want to listen to lossless audio on the go, for instance, then you’ll need premium earbuds.


What Are the Best Headphones for the Budget Audiophile?

BlackPods feature a cutting-edge chip for improved connectivity and sound quality. Despite the earbuds’ high-tech features, you can set them up with a tap.

Once you set up BlackPods, they are always connected and always on. They can even sense when you take them off or stop playing music. Best of all, they’re Bluetooth compatible and work with any android or iOS device.

Even though they produce high-quality sound, you can wear them for five hours without a recharge. Also, you can watch your battery level right on your phone.

You can use your BlackPods for a range of activities, from casual listening to hard-core workouts. The specially engineered cases resist dust, humidity, and sweat.

BlackPods work with the latest technology. In addition to supporting Bluetooth compatibility, they also work with personal digital assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. You can even charge BlackPods wirelessly.

What Kind of Audiophile Are You?

Most people are casual music enthusiasts. Some people may like some bass boost and a little extra trouble to give their sounds some edge. However, this is where their pursuit of improved audio ends.

Alternatively, some people love music so much they’re determined to hear the best reproduction of original artist songs that are available. They even want to listen to the mistakes. If this is the kind of perfection that you crave, you must use a lossless audio file format and invest in high-end equipment.

Start Your Journey to Audio Nirvana Today!

If you have a device with Bluetooth capability, you’re already on your way to listening to top-quality audio with earbuds. The technology enables you to listen to lossless audio at a quality that rivals wired headsets.

BlackPods earbuds enable you to listen to studio-quality sound without staying tethered to an amplifier. Also, they have a unique look and are a stylish, bold, and sophisticated statement.

You can wear BlackPods to school, work, the gym and anywhere else that you can imagine. Visit to claim your pair of high-quality earbuds for the budget audiophile.